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adesklets − manual page for adesklets 0.6.1


adesklets [OPTION]... [string_id]


Fake root window detection


Enlightenment 16, version 0.16.8 and later


KDE >= 3.4.1 desktop detection


Nautilus desktop detection


ROX-Filer detection (incomplete)


Interactive detection (by user click)


Xfce4 desktop detection (tested on Xfce4 4.2.x, with xfdesktop managing the icons)


Xffm desktop window detection (tested on xffm, with xffm-deskview managing the icons)


When applicable, do not run the detection for each desklet, but only once for all. Of course, desklets on multiple screens will unlikely detect the right fake root window, but it will speed things up for single screen settings.


Print out this message and exit

−w progname

Wait for at least one ’progname’ instance to run under the current user id (UID) before performing any further action

−d delay

Wait for a given delay (in seconds) before performing any further action

−e editor

Use an alternate editor for configuring the desklets; it needs to be a standalone executable that does not need a pseudo terminal


Printout adesklets version


Kill all running, registered desklets


Remove all dead entries from $HOME/.adesklets (this implies ‘--killall’)

−i,--installer Invoke the desklet installer (requires Python)

−f script

Execute command set from the ‘script’ file

If no ‘string_id’ is given, adesklets acts as a launcher (unless the ‘-f’ switch is involved). Otherwise, adesklets acts as an interpreter, if no ‘-k’ or ‘-c’ switch is used.

The most usual invokation of adesklets is the bare ‘adesklets’ command, without arguments: it makes adesklets launch every registered desklets from $HOME/.adesklets, without any fake root window detection.

Written By Sylvain Fourmanoit <syfou AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net>


The options described here are only valid if you are using the shell frontend.


The full documentation for adesklets is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and adesklets programs are properly installed at your site, the command

info adesklets

should give you access to the complete manual.