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amavis-stats − generate scan statistics from amavis logfiles


amavis-stats [options] logfile


amavis-stats is a simple amavis statistics generator based on rrdtool. Infection statistics are read from amavis (sys)log entries and stored into rrd files.

There is an accompanying php script to actually generate the graphs. This man page is just for the perl script which parses the log files.


amavis-stats accepts the following options:


Show summary of options and exit.


does nothing (legacy option)


print version number and exit


keep quiet - no output

−f logfile

legacy way of specifying input file. No longer needed but kept to not break existing cron jobs


Print debugging message to stderr (lots!)


Enable locale(7) support. By default amavis-stats assumes syslog or AMaViS records English dates. If you want to use the default locale instead (as specified by the LC_* environment variables) use this flag.


Reset file pointer to 0. Normally the logfile is parsed from from where the last run ended.


/var/lib/amavis-stats/ location of rrd files and state information.

/var/lib/amavis-stats/img image cache directory.

/usr/share/amavis-stats/amavis-stats.php php script for generating graphs.


Mark Lawrence <nomad AT null DOT net>.