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apm − interface with the APM subsystem


apm [ −VvmMsSdin ]


This command requires the Advanced Power Management subsystem. If run without arguments it reads /proc/apm and presents the output in a human-readable format.

Given a −S or −s option it requests that the machine be put into the APM standby or the APM suspend state, respectively. For a brief description of these states, see apmd(8).


−V, −−version

Print the version of the program and exit.

−v, −−verbose

Also print version information for the APM subsystem. The APM subsystem consists of power-management hardware, firmware usually referred to as the APM BIOS and a driver in the operating system kernel.

−m, −−minutes

Print the time remaining as a number of minutes. The default is to print the time remaining in "hours:minutes" format.

−M, −−monitor

Continuously monitor and update the status information. Assumes that the standard output is a terminal.

−S, −−standby

Request that the machine be put into the APM standby state.

−s, −−suspend

Request that the machine be put into the APM suspend state.

−d, −−debug

Print APM status information in a format more useful for debugging. Implies −v.




This program was written by Rik Faith (faith AT cs DOT unc DOT edu) and may be freely distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY for this program. The current maintainer is Avery Pennarun (apenwarr AT worldvisions DOT ca).


xapm(1), apmd(8).