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bb − an ASCII-art demo


bb [options]


bb is a high quality audio-visual demonstration for your text terminal.


A summary of options are included below. For a complete description type bb -help.


Show summary of options.


Play demo in infinite loop.


Select driver. Available drivers: linux, slang, X11, stdout, stderr.


Select keyboard driver. Available drivers: slang, X11, stdin.


Select mouse driver. Available drivers: X11, gpm, dos.


Set width.


Set height.


Set minimum width.


Set minimum height.


Set maximum width.


Set maximum height.


Set recommended width.


Set recommended height.


Enable usage of dim (half bright) attribute.


Enable usage of bold (double bright) attribute.


Enable usage of reverse attribute.


Enable usage of normal attribute.


Enable usage of boldfont attribute.


Disable attribute (i.e -nobold).


Use all 256 characters.


Use eight bit ASCII.

−font <font>

Select font. This option is used on hardware where aalib is unable to determine the current font. Available fonts: vga8, vga9, mda14, vga14, X8x13, X8x16, X8x13bold, vgagl8, line.


Enable inverse rendering.


Disable inverse rendering.

−bright <val>

Set brightness (0-255).

−contrast <val>

Set contrast (0-255).

−gamma <val>

Set gamma correction value (0-1).


Disable dithering.


Floyd-Steinberg dithering.


Error distribution dithering.

−random <val>

Set random dithering value (0-inf).

−dimmul <val>

Multiply factor for dim attribute (5.3).

−boldmul <val>

Multiply factor for bold attribute (2.7).


Please report any bugs you find to Jan Hubicka <hubicka AT freesoft DOT cz>.


bb is covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL).


aafire(1), aainfo(1), aasavefont(1), aatest(1), aview(1), asciiview(1), aaflip(1), aa3d(1), xaos(6), aatv(1).


Jan Hubicka <hubicka AT freesoft DOT cz>

This manual page was written by Michael Bramer <grisu AT debian DOT org>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).