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debconf-gettextize aXX trA~ch ra taXp tin PO baXXn daXXch caXXa maXXu debconf


debconf-gettextize [−v] [−h] [−−podir=THX_Ma XXC ] [−−choices] [−−merge] cha XX [cha XX ...]


CA~Xc taXp tin /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.templates AeXXaXXc debconf AeXaXXc thA~X chaXXa ca XX vAeXn baXXn tiaXXng Anh laXXn baXXn daXXch AeXaXXu trong cA~Xng taXp tin. Tuy nhiA~Xn, trong gA~Xi mA~X nguaXXn cA~Xc baXXn daXXch AeXXaXXc quaXXn lA~X trong taXp tin riA~Xng AeXa XX giA~Xp ngXaXXi daXXch. Trong baXXn thaXXc hiaXXn AeXaXXu tiA~Xn, maXXt taXp tin templates cha XX cha XX chaXXa vAeXn baXXn tiaXXng Anh, cA~Xn taXp tin templates.xx chaXXa cA~Xc chuaXXi ca XX hai gaXXc vA~  AeXXaXXc daXXch cho ngA~Xn nga XX xx. ChXXng trA~Xnh debconf-mergetemplate AeXA~X traXXn cA~Xc taXp tin maXXu cha XX vA~  AeXXaXXc daXXch.

BaXXn thaXXc hiaXXn maXXi vaXXi "po−debconf" daXXa vA~ o "gettext". NhA~  duy trA~X AeXA~Xnh daXXu maXXi trXaXXng cA~X tha XX daXXch AeXXaXXc baXXng cA~Xch thA~Xm daXXu gaXXch dXaXXi vA~ o trXaXXc; cA~Xc chuaXXi tiaXXng Anh AeXXaXXc trA~ch ta XX AeXaXXng ra maXXt taXp tin POT ; ngXaXXi daXXch lA~ m viaXXc vaXXi taXp tin PO chuaXXn; vA~  po2debconf taXXo ra maXXt taXp tin maXXu AeXA~X traXXn cA~X cA~Xng caXXu trA~Xc.

ChXXng trA~Xnh debconf-gettextize AeXA~X AeXXaXXc thiaXXt ka XX ban AeXaXXu AeXa XX giA~Xp nA~Xng caXXp lA~Xn baXXn thaXXc hiaXXn maXXi.

NA~X AeXaXXc maXXt danh sA~Xch cA~Xc taXp tin cha XX vA~  cA~Xc baXXn daXXch tXXng aXXng, raXXi taXXo ra cA~Xc taXp tin po/*.po cho maXXi ngA~Xn nga XX sang AeXA~X chuaXXi AeXA~X AeXXaXXc daXXch.

Each input file receives an ".old" suffix, and a new master file overwrites the old one; it is identical to the previous master file except that an underscore is prepended to translatable fields. Developers can then choose which fields translators have to work on and which ones are skipped because their values are not locale-dependent.

TaXp tin po/ cAaXng AeXXaXXc taXXo. NA~X chaXXa danh sA~Xch cA~Xc taXp tin templates nA~Xn AeXXaXXc debconf-updatepo xaX lA~X.

Typically the debconf-gettextize program must be run only once when transforming from the first implementation to the "po−debconf" format, but it can also be used afterwards to transform a "_Choices" field into "__Choices" (or vice-versa) without losing translations, when using the "−−merge" flag (alongside with "−−choices" or not). The desired template containing the "_Choices" or "__Choices" fields to modify has to be copied into a temporary template file, which is passed to debconf-gettextize as an argument. Then the following steps are performed:


po2debconf AeXXaXXc chaXXy trA~Xn taXp tin maXXu nA~ y AeXa XX taXXo ra maXXt taXp tin maXXu AeXA~X daXXch.


TaXp tin maXXu AeXA~X daXXch thA~X AeXXaXXc xaX lA~X nh-1AEX nA~Xi trA~Xn, vA~  cA~Xc taXp tin PO AeXXaXXc taXXo ra.


TaXp tin PO maXXi taXXo AeXXaXXc traXXn vaXXi taXp tin PO AeXA~X taXXn taXXi.

TraXXn cA~Xc taXp tin PO thA~X maXXi trXaXXng kiaXXu "_Choices" phaXXi ba XX thay tha XX baXXng kiaXXu"__Choices" (hay ngXaXXc laXXi) trong taXp tin maXXu gaXXc trXaXXc khi chaXXy debconf-updatepo, khA~Xng thA~X cA~Xc baXXn daXXch maXXi ba XX AeXA~Xnh daXXu AX daXXch ma XX AX.


−h, −−help

Display a usage summary for the program and exit.

−v, −−verbose

XaX lA~X a XX cha XX AeXa XX chi tiaXXt (xuaXXt nhiaXXu da XX liaXXu diaXXn ta XX tiaXXn trA~Xnh, haXXu A~ch AeXa XX ga XX laXXi).

−−podir=THX_Ma XXC

Set directory for PO files. Default is to search for PO files in the po subdirectory below the location of the first master file.


MaXXc AeXaXXnh lA~  debconf-gettextize thay tha XX cA~Xc trXaXXng kiaXXu "Choices" baXXng kiaXXu "_Choices". BaXt ca XX nA~ y thA~X ghi trXaXXng kiaXXu "__Choices" thay vA~ o AeXA~X.


When this flag is set, the strings are merged with existing PO files. The templates files and po/ are not modified.


The "Default" field is special when template type is "Select" or "Multiselect", because a value has to be chosen amongst the English list of choices, even for localized values. Normally this field must not be changed, but in rare circumstances localized values are meaningful (e.g. to choose the default language of an application). In order to let translators know that this localized "Default" field is special, you must by convention call it "_DefaultChoice" instead of "_Default".


debconf−updatepo(1), po2debconf(1), debconf−devel(7), po−debconf(7).


  Denis Barbier <barbier AT linuxfr DOT org>
  Martin Quinson <martin.quinson@ens−>