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OrientableSizeProxy −


#include <OrientableSizeProxy.h>

Public Types

typedef OrientableSize PointType
typedef OrientableSize LineType

Public Member Functions

OrientableSizeProxy (tlp::SizeProperty *sizesProxy, orientationType mask=ORI_DEFAULT)
OrientableSize createSize
(const float width=0, const float height=0, const float depth=0)
OrientableSize createSize
(const tlp::Size &v)
void setOrientation (orientationType mask)
void setAllNodeValue (const PointType &v)
void setAllEdgeValue (const LineType &v)
void setEdgeValue (const tlp::edge e, const LineType &v)
void setNodeValue (tlp::node n, const PointType &v)
PointType getNodeValue
(const tlp::node n)
LineType getEdgeValue
(const tlp::edge e)
PointType getNodeDefaultValue
LineType getEdgeDefaultValue


class OrientableSize

Detailed Description

Authors: David Auber, Patrick Mary, Morgan Mathiaut from the LaBRI Visualization Team Email : auber AT tulip-software DOT org Last modification : 13/03/2009 This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef OrientableSize OrientableSizeProxy::LineType
typedef OrientableSize OrientableSizeProxy::PointType

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OrientableSizeProxy::OrientableSizeProxy (tlp::SizeProperty * sizesProxy, orientationType mask = ORI_DEFAULT)

Member Function Documentation

OrientableSize OrientableSizeProxy::createSize (const tlp::Size & v)
OrientableSize OrientableSizeProxy::createSize (const float width =
0, const float height = 0, const float depth = 0)
OrientableSizeProxy::LineType OrientableSizeProxy::getEdgeDefaultValue ()
LineType OrientableSizeProxy::getEdgeValue (const tlp::edge e)
OrientableSizeProxy::PointType OrientableSizeProxy::getNodeDefaultValue ()
PointType OrientableSizeProxy::getNodeValue (const tlp::node n)
void OrientableSizeProxy::setAllEdgeValue (const LineType & v)
void OrientableSizeProxy::setAllNodeValue (const PointType & v)
void OrientableSizeProxy::setEdgeValue (const tlp::edge e, const LineType & v)
void OrientableSizeProxy::setNodeValue (tlp::node n, const PointType & v)
void OrientableSizeProxy::setOrientation (orientationType mask)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class OrientableSize [friend]


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