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  Net::Domain::TLD − Work with TLD names


  use Net::Domain::TLD qw(tlds tld_exists);
  my @ccTLDs = tlds('cc');
  print "TLD ok\n" if tld_exists('ac','cc');


  The purpose of this module is to provide user with current list of
  available top level domain names including new ICANN additions and ccTLDs
  Currently TLD definitions have been acquired from the following sources:−whois.htm


  Each public function/method is described here.
  These are how you should interact with this module.


  This routine returns the tlds requested.
  my @all_tlds = tlds; #array of tlds
  my $all_tlds = tlds; #hashref of tlds and their descriptions
  my @cc_tlds = tlds('cc'); #array of just 'cc' type tlds
  my $cc_tlds = tlds('cc'); #hashref of just 'cc' type tlds and their descriptions
  Valid types are:
    cc                 − country code domains
    gtld_open          − generic domains that anyone can register
    gtld_restricted    − generic restricted registration domains
    new_open           − recently added generic domains
    new_restricted     − new restricted registration domains


  This routine returns true if the given domain exists and false otherwise.
  die "no such domain" unless tld_exists($tld); #call without tld type
  die "no such domain" unless tld_exists($tld, 'new_open'); #call with tld type


  Copyright (c) 2003−2005 Alex Pavlovic, all rights reserved.  This program
  is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms
  as Perl itself.


  Alexander Pavlovic <alex.pavlovic@taskforce−>
  Ricardo SIGNES <rjbs AT cpan DOT org>