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plscmap1la - Set color map1 colors using a piece-wise linear relationship


plscmap1la(itype, npts, pos, coord1, coord2, coord3, coord4, rev)


This is a version of plscmap1l(3plplot) that supports alpha transparency. It sets color map1 colors using a piece-wise linear relationship between position in the color map (from 0 to 1) and position in HLS or RGB color space (see the PLplot documentation) with alpha value (0.0 - 1.0). It may be called at any time.

This function is used in example 30.


itype (PLBOOL, input)

true: RGB, false: HLS.

npts (PLINT, input)

number of control points

pos (PLFLT *, input)

position for each control point (between 0.0 and 1.0, in ascending order)

coord1 (PLFLT *, input)

first coordinate (H or R) for each control point

coord2 (PLFLT *, input)

second coordinate (L or G) for each control point

coord3 (PLFLT *, input)

third coordinate (S or B) for each control point

coord4 (PLFLT *, input)

fourth coordinate, the alpha value for each control point

rev (PLBOOL: *, input)

reverse flag for each control point. (rev[i] refers to the interpolation interval between the i and i + 1 control points).


Geoffrey Furnish and Maurice LeBrun wrote and maintain PLplot. This man page was automatically generated from the DocBook source of the PLplot documentation, maintained by Alan W. Irwin and Rafael Laboissiere.


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