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explain_program_name − manipulate the program name


#include <libexplain/libexplain.h>
const char *explain_program_name_get(void);
void explain_program_name_set(const char *name);
void explain_program_name_assemble(int yesno);


These functions may be used to manipulate libexplain’s idea of the command name of the current process, and whether or not that name is included in error messages.

const char *explain_program_name_get(void);

The explain_program_name_get function may be used to obtain the command name of the calling process. Depending on how capable /proc is on your system, or, failing that, how capable lsof(1) is on your system, this may or may not produce a sensible result. It works well on Linux.

pointer to string containing the command name (no slashes) of the calling process.

void explain_program_name_set(const char *name);

The explain_program_name_set function may be used to set the libexplain libraries’ idea of the command name of the calling process, setting the string to be returned by the explain_program_name_get(3) function. This overrides the automatic behavior, which can be quite desirable in commands that can be invoked with more than one name, e.g. if they are a hard link synonym.

This also sets the option to include the program name in all of the error messages issued by the explain_*_or_die(3) functions.


The name of the calling process. Only the basename will be used if a path containing slashes is given.

void explain_program_name_assemble(int yesno);

The explain_program_name_assemble function is used to control whether or not the name of the calling process is to be included in error messages issued by the explain_*_or_die(3) functions. If not explicitly set, is controlled by the EXPLAIN_OPTIONS environment variable, or defaults to true if not set there either.


non-zero (true) to have program name included, zero (false) to have program name excluded.


libexplain version 1.4
Copyright (C) 2008 Peter Miller


Written by Peter Miller <pmiller AT opensource DOT org DOT au>