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File::Find::utf8 - Fully UTF-8 aware File::Find


version 0.014


# Use the utf-8 versions of find and finddepth
use File::Find::utf8;
find(\&wanted, @directories_to_search);
# Revert back to non-utf-8 versions
no File::Find::utf8;
finddepth(\&wanted, @directories_to_search);
# Export only the find function
use File::Find::utf8 qw(find);
find(\&wanted, @directories_to_search);
# Export no functions
use File::Find::utf8 qw(:none); # NOT "use File::Find::utf8 qw();"!
File::Find::find(\&wanted, @directories_to_search);


While the original File::Find functions are capable of handling UTF-8 quite well, they expect and return all data as bytes, not as characters.

This module replaces the File::Find functions with fully UTF-8 aware versions, both expecting and returning characters.

Note: Replacement of functions is not done on DOS, Windows, and OS/2 as these systems do not have full UTF-8 file system support.

The module behaves as a pragma so you can use both "use File::Find::utf8" and "no File::Find::utf8" to turn utf-8 support on or off.

By default, both find() and finddepth() are exported (as with the original File::Find), if you want to prevent this, use "use File::Find::utf8 qw(:none)". (As all the magic happens in the module’s import function, you can not simply use "use File::Find::utf8 qw()")

File::Find warning levels are properly propagated. Note though that for propagation of fatal File::Find warnings, Perl 5.12 or higher is required (or the appropriate version of warnings).


By default "File::Find::utf8" only decodes the normal File::Find variables $_, $File::Find::name, $File::Find::dir, and (when "follow" or "follow_fast" is in effect) $File::Find::fullname for use in the "preprocess", "wanted", and "postporcess" functions.

If for any reason (e.g., compatibility with or find2perl) you also need the special variables $File::Find::topdir, $File::Find::topdev, $File::Find::topino, $File::Find::topmode, and $File::Find::topnlink to be decoded, specify "local $File::Find::utf8::COMPATILBILITY = 1;" in your code. The extra decoding that needs to happen will impact performance though, so use only when absolutely necessary.

By default "File::Find::utf8" marks decoding errors as fatal (default value for this setting is "Encode::FB_CROAK"). If you want, you can change this by setting "File::Find::utf8::UTF8_CHECK". The value "Encode::FB_WARN" reports the encoding errors as warnings, and "Encode::FB_DEFAULT" will completely ignore them. Please see Encode for details. Note: "Encode::LEAVE_SRC" is always enforced.


Please report any bugs or feature requests on the bugtracker website <>.

When submitting a bug or request, please include a test-file or a patch to an existing test-file that illustrates the bug or desired feature.


The filesystems of Dos, Windows, and OS/2 do not (fully) support UTF-8. The File::Find function will therefore not be replaced on these systems.


File::Find -- The original module.

Cwd::utf8 -- Fully utf-8 aware version of the Cwd functions.

utf8::all -- Turn on utf-8, all of it. This was also the module I first added the utf-8 aware versions of Cwd and File::Find to before moving them to their own package.


Hayo Baan <info AT hayobaan DOT com>


This software is copyright (c) 2014 by Hayo Baan.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.