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Finance::Quote::FTfunds - Obtain UK Unit Trust quotes from (Financial Times).


$q = Finance::Quote->new;
%info = Finance::Quote->fetch("ftfunds","<isin> ..."); # Only query using ISINs


This module fetches information from the Financial Times Funds service, There are over 47,000 UK Unit Trusts and OEICs quoted, as well as many Offshore Funds and Exhange Traded Funds (ETFs). It converts any funds quoted in GBX (pence) to GBP, dividing the price by 100 in the process.

Funds are identified by their ISIN code, a 12 character alphanumeric code. Although the web site also allows searching by fund name, this version of Finance::Quote::FTfunds only implements ISIN lookup. To determine the ISIN for funds of interest to you, visit the site and use the flexible search facilities to identify the funds of interest. The factsheet display for any given fund displays the ISIN along with other useful information.

This module is loaded by default on a Finance::Quote object. It’s also possible to load it explicitly by placing "ftfunds" in the argument list to Finance::Quote->new().

Information obtained by this module may be covered by terms and conditions See and for details.

Stocks And Indices
This module provides both the "ftfunds" and "ukfunds" fetch methods for fetching UK and Offshore Unit Trusts and OEICs prices and other information from Please use the "ukfunds" fetch method if you wish to have failover with future sources for UK and Offshore Unit Trusts and OEICs - the author has plans to develop Finance::Quote modules for the London Stock Exchange and Morningstar unit trust services. Using the "ftfunds" method will guarantee that your information only comes from the website.


The following labels may be returned by Finance::Quote::ftfunds :

name, currency, last, date, time, price, nav, source, method,
iso_date, net, p_change, success, errormsg.


Financial Times websites, and


Martin Sadler, <martinsadler AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net>


Copyright (C) 2010 by Martin Sadler

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.10.1 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.