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dbcolpercentile - compute percentiles or ranks for an existing numeric column


dbcolpercentile [-rplhS] [--mode MODE] [--value WEIGHT_COL] column


Compute a percentile, ranking, or weighted percentile of a column of numbers. The new column will be called percentile:d or rank:q or weighted:d depending on the mode.

Ordering is given by the specifed column.

In weighted mode, by default the same column as ordering is used for weighting. Alternatively, give a different column for weighting with "-v".

Non-numeric values are ignored.

If the data is pre-sorted and only a rank is requested, no extra storage is required. In all other cases, a full copy of data is buffered on disk. Output will be sorted by COLUMN.


-p or --percentile or --mode percentile

Show percentile (default). Percentile is the fraction of the cumulative values at or lower than the current value, relative to the total count.

-P or --rank or --nopercentile or --mode rank

Compute ranks instead of percentiles.

-w WEIGHT_COL or --weighted WEIGHT_COL or --mode weighted

Compute the weighted percentile. Here values define not only the ordering, but the fraction of the total sum, and percentile is the fraction of sum of cumulative values in the weighting column (relative to their sum), for all ranking colums at or lower than the current ranking column. If the weight column is not specified (with "--mode weighted"), it is the same as the ranking column.

-a or --include-non-numeric

Compute stats over all records (treat non-numeric records as zero rather than just ignoring them).

-S or --pre-sorted

Assume data is already sorted. With one -S, we check and confirm this precondition. When repeated, we skip the check.

-N NAME or --new-name NAME

Give the NAME of the new column. (If no type is specifed, a type will be assigned based on the mode.)

-f FORMAT or --format FORMAT

Specify a printf(3)-style format for output statistics. Defaults to "%.5g".

-T TmpDir

where to put tmp files. Also uses environment variable TMPDIR, if -T is not specified. Default is /tmp.

-e EmptyValue or --empty

Specify the value any non-numeric rows get, if in weighted mode.

This module also supports the standard fsdb options:


Enable debugging output.

-i or --input InputSource

Read from InputSource, typically a file name, or "-" for standard input, or (if in Perl) a IO::Handle, Fsdb::IO or Fsdb::BoundedQueue objects.

-o or --output OutputDestination

Write to OutputDestination, typically a file name, or "-" for standard output, or (if in Perl) a IO::Handle, Fsdb::IO or Fsdb::BoundedQueue objects.

--autorun or --noautorun

By default, programs process automatically, but Fsdb::Filter objects in Perl do not run until you invoke the run() method. The "--(no)autorun" option controls that behavior within Perl.


Show help.


Show full manual.


#fsdb name id test1
a 1 80
b 2 70
c 3 65
d 4 90
e 5 70
f 6 90

cat DATA/grades.fsdb | dbcolpercentile test1

#fsdb name id test1 percentile
d 4 90 1
f 6 90 1
a 1 80 0.66667
b 2 70 0.5
e 5 70 0.5
c 3 65 0.16667
# | dbsort -n test1
# | dbcolpercentile test1

Command 2:
cat DATA/grades.fsdb | dbcolpercentile --rank test1

Output 2:
#fsdb name id test1 rank
d 4 90 1
f 6 90 1
a 1 80 3
b 2 70 4
e 5 70 4
c 3 65 6
# | dbsort -n test1
# | dbcolpercentile --rank test1


Fsdb. dbcolhisto.


$filter = new Fsdb::Filter::dbcolpercentile(@arguments);

Create a new dbcolpercentile object, taking command-line arguments.


Internal: set up defaults.


Internal: parse command-line arguments.


Internal: setup, parse headers.

$n = $self->_determinte_total()

Interpose a filter on "$self-"{_in}> that counts the rows (for rank or percentile) or sums the value (for weighted percentile).


Internal: run over each rows.


Copyright (C) 1991-2022 by John Heidemann <johnh AT isi DOT edu>

This program is distributed under terms of the GNU general public license, version 2. See the file COPYING with the distribution for details.