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genders_nodelist_create, genders_nodelist_clear, genders_nodelist_destroy, genders_attrlist_create, genders_attrlist_clear, genders_attrlist_destroy, genders_vallist_create, genders_vallist_clear, genders_vallist_destroy - list create, clear, and destroy routines


#include <genders.h>

int genders_nodelist_create(genders_t handle, char ***nodelist);

int genders_nodelist_clear(genders_t handle, char **nodelist);

int genders_nodelist_destroy(genders_t handle, char **nodelist);

int genders_attrlist_create(genders_t handle, char ***attrlist);

int genders_attrlist_clear(genders_t handle, char **attrlist);

int genders_attrlist_destroy(genders_t handle, char **attrlist);

int genders_vallist_create(genders_t handle, char ***vallist);

int genders_vallist_clear(genders_t handle, char **vallist);

int genders_vallist_destroy(genders_t handle, char **vallist);


genders_nodelist_create(), genders_nodelist_clear(), genders_nodelist_destroy(), genders_attrlist_create(), genders_attrlist_clear(), genders_attrlist_destroy(), genders_vallist_create(), genders_vallist_clear(), and genders_vallist_destroy() are used to create, clear, and destroy lists (arrays of strings) for use with genders_getnodes(3), genders_getattr(3), and genders_getattr_all(3).

genders_nodelist_create(), genders_attrlist_create(), and genders_vallist_create() creates a list with minimum size to store nodes, attributes, and attribute values respectively. nodelist, attrlist, and vallist are respectively set to point to the created list. The created lists are guaranteed to store all the node, attribute, and value information returned from genders_getnodes(3), genders_getattr(3), and genders_getattr_all(3).

genders_nodelist_clear(), genders_attrlist_clear(), and genders_vallist_clear() clear any information stored in the lists pointed to by nodelist, attrlist, and vallist repectively. They do not have be called after their respective create functions. They only have to be called after they are used in genders_getnodes(3), genders_getattr(3), and genders_getattr_all(3), and the programmer wishes to re-use the list.

genders_nodelist_destroy(), genders_attrlist_destroy(), and genders_vallist_destroy() destroy the lists pointed to by nodelist, attrlist, and vallist respectively.

If no attributes or values are listed in the genders database all of the attrlist and vallist functions will do nothing. The pointer passed into genders_attrlist_create() and genders_vallist_create() will not be set.


On success, genders_nodelist_create(), genders_attrlist_create(), and genders_vallist_create() return the number of elements the created list can store. On success, genders_nodelist_clear(), genders_attrlist_clear(), genders_vallist_clear() genders_nodelist_destroy(), genders_attrlist_destroy(), genders_vallist_destroy() return 0. On error, -1 is returned, and an error code is returned in handle. The error code can be retrieved via genders_errnum(3) , and a description of the error code can be retrieved via genders_strerror(3). Error codes are defined in genders.h.



The handle parameter is NULL. The genders handle must be created with genders_handle_create(3).


genders_load_data(3) has not been called to load genders data. Before lists of appropriate size can be created, the genders file must be read and parsed.


An incorrect parameter has been passed in.


A null pointer has been found in the list passed in.


malloc(3) has failed internally, system is out of memory.


handle has an incorrect magic number. handle does not point to a genders handle or handle has been destroyed by genders_handle_destroy(3).




libgenders(3), genders_handle_create(3), genders_load_data(3), genders_getnodes(3), genders_getattr(3), genders_getattr_all(3), genders_errnum(3), genders_strerror(3)