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aliyun - Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun) CLI


Alibaba Cloud Command Line Interface Version 3.0.104


aliyun <product> <operation> [--parameter1 value1 --parameter2 value2 ...]



use ’--mode {AK|StsToken|RamRoleArn|EcsRamRole|RsaKeyPair|RamRoleArnWithRoleName}’ to assign authenticate mode


use ’--profile <profileName>’ to select profile


use ’--language [en|zh]’ to assign language


use ’--region <regionId>’ to assign region


use ’--config-path’ to specify the configuration file path


use ’--access-key-id <AccessKeyId>’ to assign AccessKeyId, required in AK/StsToken/RamRoleArn mode


use ’--access-key-secret <AccessKeySecret>’ to assign AccessKeySecret


use ’--sts-token <StsToken>’ to assign StsToken


use ’--sts-region <StsRegion>’ to assign StsRegion


use ’--ram-role-name <RamRoleName>’ to assign RamRoleName


use ’--ram-role-arn <RamRoleArn>’ to assign RamRoleArn


use ’--role-session-name <RoleSessionName>’ to assign RoleSessionName


use ’--private-key <PrivateKey>’ to assign RSA PrivateKey


use ’--key-pair-name <KeyPairName>’ to assign KeyPairName


use ’--read-timeout <seconds>’ to set I/O timeout(seconds)


use ’--connect-timeout <seconds>’ to set connect timeout(seconds)


use ’--retry-count <count>’ to set retry count

--skip-secure-verify use ’--skip-secure-verify’ to skip https certification validate [Not recommended]


use ’--expired-seconds <seconds>’ to specify expiration time


use ’--process-command <ProcessCommand>’ to specify external program execution command


use ’--secure’ to force https


use ’--force’ to skip api and parameters check


use ’--endpoint <endpoint>’ to assign endpoint


use ’--version <YYYY-MM-DD>’ to assign product api version


use ’--header X-foo=bar’ to add custom HTTP header, repeatable


use ’--body $(cat foo.json)’ to assign http body in RESTful call


use ’--pager’ to merge pages for pageable APIs


use ’--output cols=Field1,Field2 [rows=jmesPath]’ to print output as table


use ’--waiter expr=<jmesPath> to=<value>’ to pull api until result equal to expected value


add ’--dryrun’ to validate and print request without running.


add ’--quiet’ to hide normal output


print help


aliyun ecs DescribeRegions

[0m Products: [0m[0;36m arms Application Real-Time Monitoring Service [0m[0;36m actiontrail Action Trail * [0m[0;36m agency agency [0m[0;36m alidns Alibaba Cloud DNS [0m[0;36m batchcompute BatchCompute [0m[0;36m bssopenapi bssopenapi [0m[0;36m ccc cloud call center [0m[0;36m cs Container Service [0m[0;36m csb Cloud Service Bus [0m[0;36m cdn Alibaba Cloud CDN [0m[0;36m cds CodePipeline [0m[0;36m chatbot BeeBot [0m[0;36m cloudapi API Gateway [0m[0;36m cloudphoto Cloud Photos [0m[0;36m cloudauth ID Verification [0m[0;36m cms Cloud Monitor [0m[0;36m dds ApsaraDB for MongoDB [0m[0;36m dm Direct Mail [0m[0;36m domain domain [0m[0;36m domain-intl domain [0m[0;36m drds Distributed Relational Database Service [0m[0;36m eci Elastic Container Instances [0m[0;36m ecs Elastic Compute Service [0m[0;36m edas Enterprise Distributed Application Service [0m[0;36m emr E-MapReduce [0m[0;36m ess Auto Scaling [0m[0;36m green Alibaba Content Security Service [0m[0;36m hpc Alibaba Cloud HPC [0m[0;36m httpdns HttpDNS [0m[0;36m itaas Cloud Display [0m[0;36m iot Alibaba Cloud IoT [0m[0;36m kms Key Management Service [0m[0;36m mts ApsaraVideo for Media Processing [0m[0;36m nas Network Attached Storage [0m[0;36m ons Message Queue [0m[0;36m ots Table Store [0m[0;36m push Alibaba Cloud Mobile Push [0m[0;36m qualitycheck Smart Conversation Analysis [0m[0;36m r-kvstore ApsaraDB for Redis [0m[0;36m ros Resource Orchestration Service [0m[0;36m ram Resource Access Management [0m[0;36m rds ApsaraDB for RDS [0m[0;36m resourcemanager Resource Management [0m[0;36m sas-api Situation Awareness Service [0m[0;36m slb Server Load Balancer [0m[0;36m sts Resource Access Management [0m[0;36m vpc Virtual Private Cloud [0m[0;36m aegis Server Guard [0m[0;36m cloudwf CloudAP [0m[0;36m cr Container Registry [0m[0;36m elasticsearch elasticsearch [0m[0;36m facebody Visual Intelligence API [0m[0;36m fnf FunctionFlow [0m[0;36m goodstech Visual Intelligence API [0m[0;36m imageaudit Visual Intelligence API [0m[0;36m imageenhan Visual Intelligence API [0m[0;36m imagerecog Visual Intelligence API [0m[0;36m imageseg Visual Intelligence API [0m[0;36m jaq Mobile Security [0m[0;36m live ApsaraVideo for Live [0m[0;36m objectdet Visual Intelligence API [0m[0;36m ocr Visual Intelligence API [0m[0;36m oos Operation Orchestration Service [0m[0;36m polardb ApsaraDB for POLARDB [0m[0;36m sae Serverless App Engine [0m[0;36m smc Server Migration Center [0m[0;36m vod ApsaraVideo for VOD [0m[0;36m waf-openapi Web Application Firewall [0m[0;36m ens Edge Node Service [0m[0;36m ledgerdb LedgerDB [0m[0;36m pvtz PrivateZone [0m[0;36m servicemesh Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh [0m[0;36m alikafka MQ for Kafka [0m[0;36m cas SSL Service [0m[0;36m cbn Cloud Enterprise Network [0m[0;36m dcdn Dynamic Route for CDN [0m[0;36m ddoscoo BGP-line Anti-DDoS Pro [0m[0;36m ddospro Anti-DDoS Pro [0m[0;36m dms-enterprise Data Management [0m[0;36m dts Data Transmission [0m[0;36m gpdb AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL [0m[0;36m hbase ApsaraDB for HBase [0m[0;36m petadata HybridDB for MySQL [0m[0;36m scdn scdn [0m[0;36m sls Log Service [0m[0;36m yundun-bastionhost bastionhost [0m[0;36m config CloudConfig [0m[0;36m ims RAM Identity Management Service [0m[0;36m sales [0m[0;36m ga [0m[0;36m fc-open Function Compute [0m[0;36m adb [0m[0;36m sas Security Center [0m[0;36m alb [0m[0;36m quotas [0m Use ’aliyun --help’ for more information.