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Net::DNS::SEC::Tools::dnssectools − General routines for the DNSSEC−Tools package.


  use Net::DNS::SEC::Tools::dnssectools;
  $zspath = dt_cmdpath('zonesigner');
  $ftype = dt_findtype($path);


The dnssectools module provides a general set of methods for use with DNSSEC-Tools utilities.


The interfaces to the dnssectools module are given below.

This routine emails a message to the administrative user listed in the DNSSEC-Tools configuration file.

dt_adminmail() requires two parameters, both scalars. The subject parameter is the subject for the mail message. The msgbody parameter is the body of the mail message.

A third parameter, recipient, may be given to specify the message’s recipient. If this is not given, then the recipient will be taken from the admin-email record of the DNSSEC-Tools configuration file. If recipient is "nomail", then no message will be sent and success will be returned.

Return values:

        1 − the message was created and sent.
        0 − an invalid recipient was specified.

It relies on the the following dnssec−tools.conf configuration parameters:


The email address that the mail should come from.


Should be one of: sendmail, smtp, qmail. This option is not required and will default to trying sendmail and qmail to deliever the mail. If mailer-server is set to a defined value but mailer-type is not, then mailer-type will default to


The server, if admin-mail is set to smtp, that the mail should be delivered to.


This routine returns the path to a specified DNSSEC-Tools command. command should be the name only, without any leading directories. The command name is checked to ensure that it is a valid DNSEC-Tools command,

Return values:

        The absolute path to the command is returned if the command
        is valid.
        Null is returned if the command is not valid.


This routine returns the type of the file named in path. The rollrec and keyrec records contained therein are counted and a type determination is made.

Return values:

        "keyrec" −  At least one keyrec record was found and no
                    rollrec records were found.
        "rollrec" − At least one rollrec record was found and
                    no keyrec records were found.
        "mixed" −   At least one rollrec record and at least one
                    keyrec record were found.
                    This is most likely an erroneous file.
        "unknown" − No rollrec records nor keyrec records
                    were found.
        "nofile"  − The specified file does not exist.


Copyright 2006−2011 SPARTA , Inc. All rights reserved. See the COPYING file included with the DNSSEC-Tools package for details.


Wayne Morrison, tewok AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net