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MojoMojo::Controller::Jsrpc − Various JSRPC functions.


This is the Mojo powering our AJAX features.


This controller dispatches various data to ajax methods in mojomojo These methods will be called indirectly through javascript functions.


render ( /.jsrpc/render )
Edit uses this to get live preview. It gets some content in params−>{content} and runs it through the formatter chain.

child_menu ( /.jsrpc/child_menu?page_id=$page_id )
Returns a list of children for the page given by the page_id parameter, formatted for inclusion in a vertical tree navigation menu.

diff ( /.jsrpc/diff )
Loads diff on demand. Takes an absolute revision number as arg, and diffs it against the previous version.

submittag ( /.jsrpc/submittag )
Add a tag through form submit

tag ( /.jsrpc/tag )
Add a tag to a page. Returns a list of yours and popular tags.

untag ( /.jsrpc/untag )
Remove a tag from a page. Returns a list of yours and popular tags.

imginfo ( .jsrpc/imginfo )
Inline info on hover for gallery photos.

usersearch ( .jsrpc/usersearch )
Backend that handles jQuery autocomplete requests for users.

set_permissions ( .jsrpc/set_permissions )
Sets page permissions.

clear_permissions ( .jsrpc/clear_permissions )
Clears this page permissions for a given role (making permissions inherited).

Validates if the user is able to edit permissions and if a role was supplied.


Marcus Ramberg <mramberg AT cpan DOT org>, David Naughton <naughton AT cpan DOT org>


This library is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.