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ebook-meta − ebook-meta

ebook−meta ebook_file [options]

Read/Write metadata from/to e−book files.

Supported formats for reading metadata: azw, azw1, azw3, azw4, cbr, cbz, chm, docx, epub, fb2, html, htmlz, imp, lit, lrf, lrx, mobi, odt, oebzip, opf, pdb, pdf, pml, pmlz, pobi, prc, rar, rb, rtf, snb, tpz, txt, txtz, updb, zip

Supported formats for writing metadata: azw, azw1, azw3, azw4, docx, epub, fb2, htmlz, lrf, mobi, pdb, pdf, prc, rtf, tpz, txtz

Different file types support different kinds of metadata. If you try to set some metadata on a file type that does not support it, the metadata will be silently ignored.

Whenever you pass arguments to ebook−meta that have spaces in them, enclose the arguments in quotation marks. For example: ”/some path/with spaces“



String to be used when sorting by author. If unspecified, and the author(s) are specified, it will be auto−generated from the author(s).

−−authors, −a

Set the authors. Multiple authors should be separated by the & character. Author names should be in the order Firstname Lastname.

−−book−producer, −k

קבע את מפיק הספר.


הגדר את קטגוריית הספר.

−−comments, −c

Set the e−book description.


Set the cover to the specified file.

−−date, −d

הגדר את תאריך הפרסום


Read metadata from the specified OPF file and use it to set metadata in the e−book. Metadata specified on the command line will override metadata read from the OPF file


Get the cover from the e−book and save it at as the specified file.

−−help, −h

הצג חלונית עזרה זו וצא


Set the identifiers for the book, can be specified multiple times. For example: −−identifier uri: −−identifier isbn:12345 To remove an identifier, specify no value, −−identifier isbn: Note that for EPUB files, an identifier marked as the package identifier cannot be removed.

−−index, −i

קבע את מספר הספר בסדרה.


קבע את המסת"ב (ISBN) של הספר.

−−language, −l

קבע את השפה.


הגדר את מס' זיהוי הספר בקבצי LRF

−−publisher, −p

Set the e−book publisher.

−−rating, −r

קבע את דירוג הספר. מספר זה צריך להיות בין 1 ל−5.

−−series, −s

Set the series this e−book belongs to.


קבע תגיות לספר זה. הפרד תגיות עם פסיקים.

−−title, −t

קבע את הכותרת.


The version of the title to be used for sorting. If unspecified, and the title is specified, it will be auto−generated from the title.


Specify the name of an OPF file. The metadata will be written to the OPF file.


הצג מספר גרסת התוכנה וצא


Kovid Goyal


Kovid Goyal